Thursday, November 13, 2008

run hogan run!!

hmm another hogan exercise! this time i made him run! i've never really attempted a run before... so i dunno if this one is correct or what! i leave that to u guys!!
(the run might look a li'l weird from the persp as well as the side. maybe that's cuz i didnt animate the camera properly along with him!)
c&c plz!





damncreative said...

hey dapoon. nice try. its comin out but u ve missed the main element in a run. The difference between a run and a walk is the push off. Tht makes a run. Even when ur walking and u wanna go to run, u need tht push off. U need to push ur body in order to get that extra energy. Once u add tht , timing and other things will change. will waiting for the revised version

Dapoon said...

hey thanks for the correction vinay! to be frank i was SCARED u'd say that!! i've read ur comments on many run assgnmnts and u always talk abt the PUSH! and in my clip, i thot i got it.. but DAMN!! now that i see it again, i dont see the push no more!! gonna work on it again buddy!!