Friday, November 14, 2008

Gear Change WIP

Hi guys this is the update of my previous one.Is the little dance after six convinceing???I have changed him going up step by step...


damncreative said...

Hey vinod. Liked the idea. nice build up. You have to work on pacing. Right now its pose to pose . Its more like u are building it up and taking it down or every action. U need to keep that tension in him. He should be more excited towards the last and when they loose the match or miss a goal, then show the extreme gear change. Keep goin:)

Dapoon said...

so u broke the symmetry... arent the poses looking better now?? and good thing u took out that going up and up thing. looked too methodical.

however as for the animation, i completely agree wid vinay... rite now he seems more of a robot with those poses programmed in him!!! not looking natural. u gotta break it up... make some parts delay, make some parts go faster, u know what i mean??

nothing stays still or stops mechanically at ONE pose, esp in such actions. so u gotta work on that.

as far as the dance is concerned, the poses look good, but the animation is where u need to work on more! the fluidity is missing.
and do add in an antic (a big one) before the whistle.

i really liked the falling down part. but it has to be a li'l faster.

tht's it from my side ol' pal! awesome work nonetheless. but corrections are on the way!! u did good, u definitely can do better!

lets drink to that!! hic hic! :D