Friday, November 28, 2008

Gear change

hi vinay this one is with fr count...check it out and ur comments plz :)
Cheers _Harish.k


damncreative said...

hey harish. Need more polishing over all.Till 170 acting seems pretty good. After tht it looses its charm.The first reaction when he looks at the machine looks too robotic. And the reaction also looks like a cg puppet animation. U need more character in it. As i told u before, just understand the characteristics of the character . How does he react in these kinda situations?
Every action is happening at the same place in the end. Look at this placement of legs. Aint natural.Add more details and subtlety.Definitely u ve to work on expressions and overall character

Harish k said...

hi vinay thanksz da..i will work on it..i got it actually..i will fix it up for my reel :) Thanks