Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Was just goin through some youtube stuff. And found this video of a gr8 catch taken by Justin s kemp.Bloody amazing catch taken ever in the world of cricket and i was amazed by his spontaneous effort.

What i observed here , is how human brain responds and makes these kinda decisions in a span of mili seconds and how we react to it. This is a very important while animating too. Keep in mind about how a character could react to this kinda quick decisions and best part would be to get a better performance out of it.Enjoziiiiii



Dapoon said...

wow! that was one heck of a cool catch!! my consolations to the batsman who thought he had a sixer up his sleeve!! lol :P

and u're right bro, spontaneity DOES play a gigantic role in games like this. the player cant afford to lack it (maybe that's why i always SUCKED at cricket.. or any other outdoor sports! lol).

and now that u mention it, it IS very important to use this factor in our animation shots!! how each animated character should SPONTANEOUSLY react to a situation according to HIS DISTINCT characteristics!

infact i too was thinking of doing a self assigned animation shot regarding this.

well then this was an awesome post, as always bro!! keep rocking!

Prasad said...

Spontaneous ! :) ...great catch and even great relation of this to animation...