Sunday, December 28, 2008


hi guys..back to dialogue i am taking it to 2nd pass i will be checking the arc and stuff...ur C&C's plZzzzsss..
Cheers ^_^


Rangesh said...

Great Going

I Would Just like to give comment not criticize

this is when he starts telling "like A...." make him lead with his head,eyes or the R-hand

& take care of the L-hand Penetrating at the same keyframe & it looks dead for a while

damncreative said...

hey harish. Its goin good. Just tighten up everything. Now its all loose. u got to emphasize on the main accent.I liked the acting in the 1st part. But when he starts the line "miniature Buddha...", The acting is kinda weak.Dont u feel? 1st half is very natural, and the other is cliche . So just keep it natural. M not gonna talk ne thing technical, Cos u already know.

Ne way great goin. Take it to 2nd pass. Lezzee.