Sunday, December 14, 2008

weight lift (WIP) blocking

another suicidal attempt! my weight lift blocking is done and it's 40 secs long!!! (i know i have a problem.. i cant think of shorter concepts!)! but this time i've got time on my side, so i pretty much think i can pull it off! (submission is on 9th jan, though i dont wanna spend more than a week on it!)

well this has been one of the MOST interesting assignments to work on! i enjoyed playing with constraints, parents, locators and stuff! and this time i didnt think too much abt the gag, just wanted to concentrate MORE on the body mechanics. and since he's lifting a TV, i wanted him to be EXTRA CAREFUL while doing that (as advised by vinay and roshan). hope that part has come out convincing enough! ;)

btw i got the idea of lifting a TV from a real life incident: when i almost wrecked a friend's monitor!! well, some of u know what i'm talkin abt! lol! :D

c&c please!


Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

hehehe! good one! pretty good for a basic blocking. i liked the feel of him actually tightening the screws, done pretty neat for the blocking. will comment more when you open it up!

Harish k said...

Hi dapoon as always this is good..

* the 3 steps u take after the lift...i dont like it...i feel its like he is faking it right should look natural..the feel of weight should be there that's all..

* as u told but really i think u can remove the gag...because the gag look bad..hahha..

* i dont know if others feel the same...when i watched ur weight lift animation first time,i dont know why but ur jump and this animation look similar to me,may be its because of the gag r something..i am not sure..
i mean the similar style of animation..

* the first time he touches the tv box to lift it,i think the force is not there..i feel in that angle the body is not doing much..

* when u open ur animation i think u will face problems in few adjusting ur leg before u pick it up...

* but i am sure u will fix most of the problems once opened..

my best part of the animation is that screwing thig...BWHAHHAHHE!! thats a awesome idea..something i wonder why i didnt think about this kinda of things..hehe..
and then that 2nd adjustment u make after the lift...thats really good :)


damncreative said...

its goin gr 8 dude. just open it up, then we ill see howz it goin. Thats the tricky part. Either finish the gag at the end or let him just be stunned. Right now we dunno wats happening. Its goin good though

Dapoon said...

hey thanks for likin it guys! well i'm gonna be opening it up from today! so lets BRING IT ON!!

harish i'll definitely consider ALL ur pointers (including removing the gag!)!

got a few more corrections from some more friends... will apply them all!

fingers crossed!