Saturday, December 27, 2008

Quadrupedssssssss.....s........s.ssss.... :)

hi first ever shot at Animating Quadrupeds..and in the mean time my dialogue is coming out good i am animating the basic lip syn now..i will upload it later..but i was trying out some NEW thing this holidays..haha..give in ur C&C's and its 1st pass..



Dapoon said...
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Dapoon said...

HORSIEEEEE!! quite an awesome attempt bro, considering the fact that animal animation is a lot more complicated than humans! just one small thing that i felt u can do RITE now... make the horse move up and down more... cuz he seems to be in the same level thru out.

but anyway, congrats for trying it out and achieving this!! keep inspiring!

me too shall try out soon!! :D

Prasad said...

Ya dude, i too feel that up-down movement is missing ...but then i am not sure ...i just saw a 'muybridge' video and it's almost same ...but probably it was filmed on 'treadmill' like thing ...just go to and search for galloping sure you may find something cool ...between i have uploaded a video watch it here...

Prasad said...

...sorry for the jerky video ...hope it helps ...lot's of luck man !

damncreative said...

hey harish nice try bro. I would suggest u to study horse movements from a live footage or if ur lucky enough , go and catch it live and sketch it out. Understand how quadruped works. Even i havent done much of quadruped stuff, but had animated a realistic elephant for a freelance project. I struggled at the start then watched bbc planet earth, studied the motion and then animated it. It came out pretty well.So go soldier do some research. Its fun

Harish k said...

hi guys thanks for the comments..
i will work on it..and keep u all updated

hi dapoon will check that part...i think i will have to exaggerate some poses..thanks for the comment :)

hi prasad thanks for the ref bro...hi i used live ref for this animation dont now why but i feel its almost similar to that live footage...the feel of weight is very less when the horse.. sprinting...i will check it out :)

hi vinay sure bro will do it ^_^