Monday, December 8, 2008

plz sign this petition against the media

ok this has nothing to do with animation... but it sure has a lot to do with all of us...

i dunno how many of us realise this, but during the mumbai attacks, the media was actually going overboard by PROUDLY giving out every cleverly planned minute detail of the movements of the NSG soldiers, loud out on TV.

and while we at home were glued to the TV screens not wanting to miss any of the details of the NSG operations, we didnt realise how foolish we actually were to have all their secret plans let out like an open book!!

the terrorists are definitely not fools living in caves. they too might have had every information about the NSGs' movements, thanks to our senseless TRP-hungry media. and who knows, THAT might have prolonged the rescue operations even more!

thus i'm here with a petition commendably created by Vishal Dadlani of mumbai asking the govt to impose more order on the freedom of speech.

i dunno how many of u agree with me, but i really really felt this was worthy. if u feel the same, do sign the petition!



damncreative said...

I totally agree dapoon. Media is just interested in news, they dont bother wats happening around and the funny thing its their own people who ve been suffering , but they just want the god DAMN news. Media should be restricted totally when it comes to national security issue. Look at our country and what it is leading too. I really feel pity and definitely we should file a petition aganist this

Prasad said...

I signed it ...i guess we will be needing many such petition...