Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gobelins Did it again


These guys are insane. I love each and every short movie they come up with. This is real story telling and creativity. Here in India we give importance to certain category and forget that we are movie makers or story tellers. We are gifted with everything what they have. Only thing we lack is lack of knowledge. Well time to do something about it. We have a wide variety of people, culture , environments and more than any thing we got creativity . And till now i havent seen good indian content at all. I have a few questions

What are we waiting for?
Are we not cabaple?
Arent we creative enough?

Well we indians surely dont ve much of resources, knowledge or money. Only thing we got is passion and passionate people around. So get inspired by gobelins and come up with your own content. ......go go go...:0

here s the link for the new shorts



Dapoon said...

goodness gracious, sweet mother of jesus, these guys never stop now, do they?? just watched Underground psycho. what a concept.. WHAT A CONCEPT!! the guy plays all the three roles!! holy moly!!

must admit i hadda watch it twice, not because the storytelling was bad... but because it was WAY above my level! lol


Prasad said...

You are right Vinay ...I just saw making of 'Bolt' on some channel and obvious comparison was with 'roadside romeo' we have miles to go there ...

...i have seen these shorts before ...amazing work ...each and every part of these shorts !

Harish k said...

WOW favorite is Apreslapluie amazing stuff..i think we should also start working on some short film..and stuff

may be an animation monsters short film we can all combine together and DO some amazing stuff...we can come up with some great concepts..
i am sure we have some amazing ppl in here..

WOW that would be amazing
I think its time to take monsters to the next level..

damncreative said...

ya harish, very true. We will take monsters to the next level. m just waiting for u guys to finish of ur classes.

Harish k said...

HOHOHO awesome vinay :)