Wednesday, December 17, 2008


first off, i'm not in the final sem and this is not really a lipsync cuz there's hardly any dialogue!! lol, but this is sumtin i REALLY hv been wanting to do!! was killin time today and so i thought i'd record my own voice and animate hogan to it! cant tell ya how ecstatic i feel to FINALLY see my hogan talking (or rather SCREAMING!)!! lolz

well this was just a try out (to see what REALLY awaits me next sem!), so there are some mistakes i agree. wud be glad if u cud point them out for me! but all in all, i feel REFRESHED after doing this! animation ROCKS, BOUNCES and ROLLS!!!

p.s. this has also GOT to be my shortest clip!!! another achievement! roflmao :D


Prasad said...

Actually this is the right way i guess ...doing short dialogs, maybe a short expression ...then to go on long ones one ! ...really liked how you broke the symmetry at the end...

Chintan Shah said...

hey dapoon,

i've been watching ur stuff lately... n u gotta temme wht is ur secret in gettin so much appeal in ur characters... :) looking back at my days in takshaa... i realized my character never had any appeal :)

two words for ya bro - Awesome & Inspiring.

(actually dats three :D )

(deleted the previous comment due to typo error)

damncreative said...

hahaha. Thats your voice. Trust me u goto go and give some voice overs. its cool. Nice try man. i dont want to comment on this. U did this without even knowing how to animate a diag peice. awesome. Keep up the inspiration


Harish k said...


Dapoon said...

hey thanks for liking it guys!! i'm sooooo fired up by lipsync now, i think i'm gonna try some more!! it's freakin addictive!! (but ofcourse my assgnmnts are TOPMOST priority!) :D

vinay, ur idea sounds tempting enuf for me to go ahead with doing voice overs! lol.. so if anytime i wanna think of an alternate career, i know wat to do! :P

chintan, hey thanks a ton for ur encouraging words bro! really boosted my confidence level even higher! seriously u and vinay are among the few first students of takshaa whose work i REALLY look upto! u guys' works are more like CLASSICS now, no kidding!!

well abt the appeal thing, gee i dunno what to say.. cuz i dont really have a "secret" method or a set of rules! lol

as far as my poses are concerned, i just try to break the symmetry as far as possible to make it look interesting. same goes for the expression. i like seeing expressions TRAVELING across the face (as described in The illusion of life). gotta point out here that i REALLY hate hogan's default expression, esp with that mouth running WIDE across the face from end to end. so i tone it down by manipulating the "O" shape and others.

as far as the animation is concerned, i try to keep it snappy while being fluid at the same time. and i try to have a lot of rhythm in my animation, like from slow to fast, to medium, to again slow and so on. i REALLY love fluid snappy animations with photo finish poses (like, do penguins fly, octapodi etc). it's SUPERCOOL to watch them. so i just try to imbibe them into my shots (though i got a loooooooong way to go to master that!).

i guess that's abt it bro. that's all i can think of rite now. and hey who says ur work lacks appeal??? i've always loved ur 'karate ballman' and the 'ballman flying up in love' clips. they always crack me up! so dont EVER say that! period.

well hope this has been of some help. cya for now!