Friday, December 5, 2008


hey guys been quite a while for me in this blog!! i'm actually a WEEK behind my schedule! those mumbai attacks sure had me glued to the TV screen 24/7! well i'm finally done with my jump! hwvr, some parts i'm still not very satisfied with (the run, for instance). i'll keep workin on it as the sem proceeds... but for now i gotta get started with weight lift! do give in ur c&c.

btw vinay i changed his action in the end (as u can see). abt the walk, i tried to put in a few variations, but it screwed up the animation! i'll SURELY put in the changes bro, but slowly slowly! as of now, kinda scared not to screw up the animation! lol [:D] but DO give in ur suggestions!


Prasad said...

hey man this is looking sweet ! ...hilarious end ! ...just what i felt at one position ...when he is looking down the valley in first case how about recoiling his body ...instead of keeping his hands and especially fingers stretched that way from previous frames ...hope am not confusing ...and i guess you are still to work on those graphs, cause in some frames those sharp edges of graphs are visible ...overall cool animation and again really enjoyed the end !

Dapoon said...

hey thanks for liking it prasad! esp the ending! i was wondering how to change his cliched action to something a li'l less cliched that wud be simple, funny and perhaps suit his character! i guess the falling down action fit all of the criteria! lol
and i totally agree with u on the graphs being jerky, even my faculty felt the same. like i said, i'm not too satisfied with the entire clip, so i'll keep working on it as the sem progresses.
however i didnt quite understand WHEN u want me to recoil his body, when he does that take OR after he does that take. i also wonder how recoiling his body wud look... if it wud be convincing enough! i'll give it a try however!

thanks for pointing these things out!

Harish k said...

This is great...i really like the end tooo..
actually u know what to fix..most of the comments i can think about..u itself have written u have to fix those..
u really have a good senses of timming..
keep up the good work buddy

damncreative said...

Lmao. Love the ending bro. Really liked it a lot. Funny . As u said u got to work the walk, make it alive . Dont let the audience it as animation, let them see at as a performance.Over all just polish it. And think about wat i said in the previous post. Spontaneity is wat brings life to your performance for this kinda stories. Work a lil bit on the reaction part. I know it aint a acting assignment, but its another story.So everything plays a important role. Other than tht , U VE DONE AWESOME. I got to admit. I m inspired. U got gr8 sense of story telling and timing. Keep it up man. U ill go places for sure. Gr8 work.:)

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...


Dapoon said...

hey thanks a lot for likin it guys and lyao! lol

yep harish i'll be workin on the stuff i pointed out!

vinay, that walk SHALL have the life u wish!! lol! and gawrsh! u're getting inspired from me??? gee that's a big compliment! cuz I derive my inspiration from u!! thanks bro!

chandu, thanks a ton for likin it dude!

my weight lift will be up next! fingers crossed!