Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dialogues "1st pass"

hi guys...i have working on my 1st pass now...the basic block of lip syn is not there yet...i started work on it today..need ur comments..ur C&C's plz

Dialogue: "You know how to cut to the core of me Baxter. You're so wise. You're like a miniature Buddha, covered with hair."

give in ur inputs monsters...i need help..hehe :)
cheers -harish.k


Dapoon said...

SUPERB work bro!! esp for a first pass! as i had told u before, i'm in LOVE with ur dialogue! (it seems EVERYone in ur batch took up AWESOME dialogues!)

i love ur acting too... it goes with the flow of the dialogue and hits the accents pretty well. i also love the subtle things he's done like rubbing his eyes and patting the dog (ball, whatever! lol). and i ESPECIALLY love the way the hand comes out of the graveyard!! very nice feel to it... u cud FEEL it's a zombie!

well there ARE a few parts i feel cud be a bit better.

i feel when u say lines like these with such a low intensity, u naturally tend to slightly nod ur head left and right constantly as and when u're caught up with the emotion. try doing it... it happens. so i feel u shud add that.

after that, the sigh that i told u abt, at 6 secs, was not exactly what i had in mind, but it looks cool anyway. but after that action, the way his neck turns back to look at the dog, it's kinda mechanical, cuz it's pretty much the same arc it took when he looked away before the sigh. make his neck turn back at the dog thru a different arc. how abt making his chest go down first and THEN the head (i.e. a head delay), like he just let out a deep breath.

also at 15 secs, he turns BEFORE he says "like a". i feel u shud make him turn AS he's saying that. might look more natural. i like the way u slowly took his shoulder up as he anticipates the last flick of the hand while saying "miniature buddha", but as he says "buddha" and flicks his hand, i think u can bring the shoulder back down cuz his muscles (??) look kinda contracted there which might give him a pain! lol

and in the end, dont make him turn immediately after the dialogue finishes. make him keep looking the other way till the time the zombie CLUTCHES the dog. so when he looks back, he SUDDENLY sees the zombie hand clutched on the dog! THEN the take and the run. i guess THAT'LL add more contrast and make it funnier!

but all in all, COMMENDABLY done! will be waiting for the next pass!!!

gosh why do i write such LENGTHY comments??? grr rrr rrr!

Prasad said...

good ! ...liked the acting ...dapoon had already pointed out some cool points ...eagerly waiting to see the updates !

Harish k said...

hi thanks dapoon...i will work on ur comment..Infact i have already worked on it..hehe..its coming out good...will keep u all updated..finally i am feeling my animation..haha

hi Prasad thanks bro..yup i will keep u updated...working on this really hard and its my first all pumped up for the lip syn..hehe