Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The dialogue assignment!!!!!! This is in the very Initial stage...working on the acting part....Need yr Comments N critics :)


damncreative said...

Hey lakshmi. I get the story . But u need to block in detail to know about the story telling. Right now its too basic to give ne comments. Block it out in detail , so tht it ill be more clear

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...
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Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

and SSSSSOOOORRRRRRRRRYYYY for such a long post!

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

Hi! Lakshmi,

First thing, the dialogue is philosophical. It has got a lot of inner meaning. It is difficult to convey it in a single piece of a dialogue test like this one. You can do stuff like this in advanced acting tests. So try picking up a simple dialogue, which maybe, has a straighter meaning, so it is easy to express.

Secondly, the set and environment, when I saw the first frame, the only thing came to my mind was Ratatouille. This should not be the case. This is where originality comes into play. You should not let anybody think that it resembles with some other film or piece. But its a great set you have there!

Now, always have your blocking in step tangents mode with all your story telling poses, breakdowns if possible and if still possible, put your secondary actions too. All this in blocking and in step tangents mode.

I will comment on the body and acting later when you reach the next stage.

Last but not the least, also can be the most important, make sure if the rigs you use are available for free and that they don't belong to any particular institution or are copyrighted.

I don't exactly know which rig is the cake picking character, but to me it looks like Norman of the AAU. At least it resembles Norman.

Please read this:

This is a post by Jean Dennis Haas.


as you are posting this dialogue on blogs and also you may have it in your reel later.

All this is my personal view point. Finally it is your choice.

All the best and happy animating. Take care.

Waiting to see the progress.

Dapoon said...

woah woah woah if it aint good ol' lakshmi!!

first things first, i LOVE ur dialogue! very tempting to animate to!!

secondly ur story's pretty cool too! however u mixed the actions of both the characters together in the end. as the cook says his last line, the other guy takes the cake. that causes visual confusion, as the audience doesnt know who to look at! give them time and space. i know it's very tricky when u have TWO characters interacting with both doing interesting actions (gee that line sounded "WEIRD"! lol), but it's solvable if u plan it out well.

as far as ur acting is concerned, true it's too basic to comment, but from ur clip, i wud say the pose at 9 secs looks FABULOUS. it goes with the THROW of the dialogue. however in the entire clip, i see the cook repeating his actions (swinging left and right). perhaps u cud avoid that.

now i dunno much abt lipsyncing, but from what i've observed, i feel ur body tends to accentuate MORE as and when u stress on a word.
in ur clip when he starts out, he stresses on "CRIME", so THAT'S when he shud've zipped towards the boy, not AFTER THAT.
"One must forego the self to attain total spiritual" looks good.. but how abt u raise his hand WHEN he says "cleanliness" (cuz he kinda stresses on that word)?
after that, make him turn AS he's saying "AND AVOID THAT U EAT CHUNKS" cuz that body motion will be insync with the intensity of the dialogue!
same thing for the last line "OF DEGREDATION". make him turn AS he's saying that line. as for the gap between "chunks" and "of degradation", u can have him take a long deep breath, like a sigh.

that's it from my side for now as far as the chef is concerned.

abt the other character, i dont see too much of acting now (cuz i guess u hvnt worked on him), so no comments; except that in the end, his neck's broken!! just fix that!

whew! another looooooong post! looks like someone's REALLY popular! lol, well it's coming out cool! so good luck and keep animating!

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

i m sorry if i commented anything wrong! don't know why everything is seeming so silent here!

LakShMi said...

Woah...thanks guys!! HAhaha...
ANd hey chandu, The rig is called goon..Its a free rig :)
And hey too late to change the dialogue man...I shall try my best on this one!

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

hehehehe! fine! go on! and you are still a Sasuke fan, haan?