Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gear change W.I.P 2nd pass

hi guys ur C&C's plz...Thankxxxxxss


Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

hey harish,

good one dude! coming out well. only one thing I would like to tell is, as this is the 2nd pass, it needs a lot of cleanup, lots. once you finish cleanup, then the actions will become more clearer. And little work is needed in the part where he inserts the coin in the machine, it happens very quickly, play with the timing a bit. In fact the timing is more or less good, only the action is not clear enough.

Awesome, keep going!

Dapoon said...

so he loses his one last coin as well?? lolz, poor guy! well this is DEFINITELY looking better! but i wud say the part where he jumps for joy, in the end pose, the hands look kinda stiff, as if they're just STUCK there! are they on IK? all i'm saying is they need to be a li'l freer. also the way he turns around to face the slot machine after the coin goes off, it looks very mechanical. u gotta lead one part of the body and delay the rest. actually to be frank, the delay part is missing in most places of the clip..! which may be why he's looking stiff.
and also i wish u had moved him around a li'l after the jump. cuz from then on, he looks ROOTED rite there till the end.
but then it's pretty awesome! u ROCK as always!!! (hindi mein bole to, tu pathar hai!) lol :D

keep up the energy!

damncreative said...

Hey harish good progress. Much much better than the last one. Like the 1st part, subtle and nice.But i quite didnt like the last expression. U can come with with some thing funny at the end. I mean funny gesture. Looks cliche. Can u try something else?