Thursday, November 13, 2008

One plate of "Gear Change" coming up right away sir :)

helllo monsters...good to be is the basic blocking of my gear change..ur C&C's plz to improve it ^_^ i am planing of removing the first 4sec of my animation..plz tell me if u feel the same tooo..hehe..i just opened in flat mode and put it up...

Have a great weekend
cheers -Harish.k

And thats a slot machine...i still have to animate that ^_^


Dapoon said...

yo!! seems like someone just got CLOSE to getting rich!! lolz!

well it's pretty awesome no doubt! even the story-telling is effective. but u're missing the PUNCHES!!
u're stealing the moments BEFORE the audience starts to enjoy them.

comedy is all abt timing... u shud neither drag ur gags (where the audience has already anticipated looooooong back what will happen, and is simply waiting to see it on the screen...bored!), nor finish them off in a hurry (where the audience is abt to laugh at the gag and suddenly the gag is gone).

so i'd suggest u to work a bit on ur timing (of the clip as a whole).

u cud build up the tension MORE when he's waiting for the results of the slot machine, then time the gag well when he sees that he's won and jumps...
i guess u shud also delay the part where he realises nothing comes out of the slot machine. time the expression-change well.
as for ur jump in the end, i feel a bit more force shud be there. cuz rite now the weight isnt there!

that's it from my side buddy! just my thoughts buddy, so i dunno... try doing these and it might look better!! cheers!

keep rocking!

damncreative said...

I completely agree with dapoon. Th build up can be better. Keep the audience in an antic until the last moment. That will make ur animation piece better. And give more character to him. When that single coin comes our, ur choice of acting is cliche . Give him some character so that he would react accordingly . Its coming out good. Keep working on it