Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Student Reel 2008

Hey monsters,

Happy Dewali :)

Just in case if you haven't seen it.
Do check my reel. Any c&c's are welcome :)


Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

dei awesome da! indeed lot of hard work shows in this reel! good job, keep it up. well done! i appreciate your dedication.

just a few things:

1: try correcting those vertex pops, in the boot polish piece. i know it is really difficult, but just try it.

2: presentation wise, if you want to retain the music, try keeping it constantly looped and reduce the master volume by 30%. ya you can cut the music during the dialogue piece or keep it at the minimum.

3: the first frame, with your name, though we know what the worm concept was, new viewers may not know, so try putting something from your reel or your logo. would be nice.

4. will post some more as soon as possible.

and wish you too a very very HAPPY DIWALI! enjoy!

Prasad said...

awesome stuff !'s a complete reel ...body mechanics, acting, dialog, everything ...i always liked that ball-man animation just cool ! ...sorry if i am exaggerating, but layout etc in that particular animation gives me a feel of pixar :) ...i don't know why but i feel like that ...i am not opposing to above comment, but just wanted to tell you ...i first saw your worm animation on cgtantra, it was then i started searching for info on 'takshaa' and i came to know about 'ittina studios' and this awesome blog ...and i guess it was your start ...and if you feel so proud of it and want to include it in your reel someway or other, nothing wrong in that i guess ...maybe now it will be 'hunting' season for you ;) lot's of luck for that !

damncreative said...

hey deepak. Love ya work dude.really impressive. very nice. But u got to work on the presentation bro. Music is off. And main thing i noticed is tht u ve put all ya ball man exercises in the 1st. Dont do tht. Tht should be at the last. No one likes to ballman in the front. Keep ya best body mechanics after the diag and the ballman stuff. Use one full length music, dont cut it and start it again. Sounds odd. As far the work goes, i love. ust work on the presentation.


Harish k said...

ur one crazy guy..not to say,some times i actually work looking at u..but i think like vinay pointed on ur music stuff..
All the best brother..
Cheers Harish.k

Dapoon said...

you are one HECK of a creative freak!! i love ur work... ESP ur pantomime and the drunk johnny box! keep up the passion buddy and u'll reach the stars!! CHEERS!!