Sunday, November 14, 2010

No more Kidding

Happy Children’s Day.This day I thought of sharing my view on Kids perspective.

My teacher once spoke about 5-6 questions one Film-maker should ask before starting a project. Questions were:

Why you want to make this Film?

What you want to communicate?

Who is your target audience?

Where you will showcase this Film?

How you want going to communicate?

Let’s talk about ‘Whom.’ Who is going to be your target audience?

Biggest challenge in front of Animation Scriptwriter is, He has to write for immature minds with experience & maturity. This problem is similar to a creative artist, who has to learn and then unlearn the Art. What may convince me as a grown up storyteller may not be same for the kids.If given choice I will not do any humor below the belt but Farting is a great laughing gas for toddlers. I accept even I couldn’t resist as kid but now.

So this becomes really considerable to look at kid’s perspective.

Emmy award winning Animation script writer says “As basic rule, adults are more interested in people (they have seen enough action so that it’s harder to keep attention with it), while kids are more interested in action (they’re learning how the world works)

I’m all for it. Very often I witness same at home. My Nephew will fall flat laughing watching Tom and Jerry or Charlie Chaplin. On the other hand I’m just stretching my Orbicularis oris muscle. (Ho Ho... I’m in the league of Clinton n Bush.)

In contrast He doubts the talent of Russell Peters and Jack Black and when I laugh he doubts my senses too.

It becomes really important to think of the kid’s perspective while writing.

Very often I hear Artist saying Animation quality, BG was really good but still film flopped. We tend to forget that when any kid switches on TV, he is not expecting 3K texture map or Eye leading the head turn but a visually perfect story.In simple word a kid is the boss and an artist is servant. If we have pencil, They've Remote.So its wise to see there perspective rather we imposing ours :)


Dapoon said...

Superb post Kasana! You won't believe this, I was thinking about THE EXACT SAME thing today morning!!! :D

What is it that attracts kids to animation movies? Okay yes they love the funny actions. But to me, that's not the only reason.

The film as a whole definitely has to look appealing and colourful to grab their attention in the beginning, and the story should be simple (yet fantastic) which they can easily understand. And of course bathroom jokes should go. But it's really the story TELLING that glues them to the seats.

This is why I love Pixar's way of telling stories. Their movies have INCREDIBLE scripts, yet so well told that it's easy to follow and relate to it. Their jokes aren't those cheap toilet humour, but they really fall in place. And it's an amazing mixture of physical gags and emotional acting that attracts both kids and adults. And YET they raise the bar everytime!

This is something we should all learn. Story is king... but story TELLING is "KING-ER"! :P The more compelling your story telling is, the more hypnotized your audience will be... and the remote will be somewhere in the dustbin! :)

vedanth rajan said...

nice post kasana bhai... this puts alot of doubts to rest

Prasad said...

Great post ! Hope this thinking process happens every-time someone thinks of making a 'big-budgeted' film here in India !!

KASANA said...

Agree about mass appealing. I was avoiding this just to keep post short and Intact.
Otherwise I also wonder, and wants to discover what is the formulla for mass appealing. Kung fu panda, Nemo, Wall-E etc. entertain kids and adults equally.
I know their is no secret ingredient. :)
We just have to believe.

@Prasad: Amen! :)

damncreative said...

Kasana bro wanted to reply so badly. My internet is been off from few days. Man what a coincidence , on childrens day i was thinking about my childhood days with all my toys and making up fictional stories . Just feel like going back to those days and reliving it. I guess that is why were are still in this field hehe. You nailed it kasana. We have to think of those imaginary minds and make stories . We tend to caught up with our own selves and the stories revolve around us.

Guess this post would wake us up from adults and get back to child hood holding those toy guns and wearing jazzy super human suit and shoot the aliens.. Thanks a lot for this lovely post. Lets create some AWESOME stories :)

@dapoon I am gonna flick all those toys of yours. Wait and watch


Dapoon said...

LOL! Even if you flick my toys, they'll find their way to come back to my house!!

Remember Woody screaming "There's no place like home" in the first Toy Story when he was running back to Andy's from Sid's house? :D