Monday, December 6, 2010

November 11SC entry!

Hello Monsters,

Here is my entry for the 11SC competition. It would be nice if you would e-critique it.



Dapoon said...

Hey Andrew! I like the overall staging and feel of it. The animation however could have really used more energy. The dialog piece is very energetic. But amidst all the energy, there is a definite character growth.

I would analyze the dialog piece like this:

"You STOLE it!" (character 1 is really pissed off and that scares character 2)

"I thought you put it there" (character 2 panics and quickly comes up with a stupid unprepared answer to save his skin)

"I" (C1 is about to say something and stops halfway because he's BAFFLED at C2's lame response)

"WHY would I put it there???" (C2 tells C1 that what he just said was totally stupid. C1 is angry but at the same time he's more astonished, because of which he doesn't seem to sound as angry as before.)

"Kindness?" (C2 assumes that his stupid response actually cooled C1 down and thus looks for an opportunity to humour C1 by being a little more, well... lame, this time deliberately. C2 is not as petrified of C1 at this point as he was before.)

"Kindness??? YOU STOLE IT!! HE STOLE IT!!" (C1 obviously isn't impressed by C2's response and infact a second lame response only switches him back to his ANGRY self, which again leaves C2 petrified, almost like he's thinking "Oh man that didn't work!!")

So there!

I may be wrong, but this is how I see the dialog... and hence, the acting! There's a change in the mood of both characters. C1 goes from a "no-funny-business" angry to disgusted astonishment to angry again, while C2, goes from petrified to a quick thinking "maybe I can slip myself outta this" opportunist to being "oh no I'm dead" petrfied again!

Now when I look at your clip, I can see that you're playing it really straight. And that's kinda making it a little dull.

So next time when you animate, do put in some thought on the CHARACTER acting and thought process (not just the concept). :)

But then it's nice to see you participating there! It's a great way to polish your animation skills. :) Better luck next time buddy!

AndrewRoot said...

Thanks Dapoon, very useful for me!

KASANA said...

Good attempt Andrew.there is lot of potential in this piece.
Just to give more weight to what Dapun said already..We don't animate character rig but we animate thought.
I think you would like to add some reversal in their body language as both stay only in one arc. see what I mean to say here.