Friday, March 18, 2011

Rendering your animations through Facebook?

Not really related to animation, but quite interesting. You can now render your animations through social networking sites (and much faster at that)! As of now it supports only Blender, but I'm sure things will evolve and MAYA too will be a part of it! More on this here.

DANG! All this just when I blocked Facebook indefinitely!


vedanth rajan said...

but wit india's net speed (or the cost of getting a high speed connection) this might not be viable... say we render 200 frames with 5 passes... and even if each frame is 2MB... it'll be like 2MB X 5 passes = 10 MB for one frame...

10 MB X 200 frames = 2000MB (or almost 2 gb) imagine downloading 2 gb of finished data!!!

p.s. art talk is missing u alot daps... there are comments flying around like where's dapoon... sanyas le lia kya???? and many more :D

Dapoon said...

Haha!! Sanyas is right! :D I dunno bro, I was getting too addicted to that site. So I had to take a drastic step. :(

Well yeah, about the rendering thing, it COULD take time to download the output, but that depends on how fast or slow your connection is. I see it as: you don't have time to spend on rendering because your deadline is creeping up. So render through Facebook and finish it quicker than it would have taken if you had rendered the whole thing in your system alone. After that, you only need to download the 2GB of finished data.

In my comp, 2GB downloads in like 4 hours! :)

damncreative said...

I checked this out. Seems like it quite not feasible with the the connection speed we have. Secondly we have to share our data on the web which is not advisable. But sure can give a try to see how it works. Thanks for the link daps

vedanth rajan said...

well atm it supports blender... I havnt worked on blender... and havnt seen any option for passes :D ... for me 2 gb is almost a whole day T.T damn the fair use policy!!! i would love to try it out if i can!! :D