Thursday, May 12, 2011

Alienate people (AnimationRigs contest entry)

Hey guys I'm done with my entry. Big thanks to Sarath Thomas for the awesome lighting! Also BIG BIG thanks to all you guys for the awesome feedback during the month! :D

Had a lotta fun animating for this contest! This is also my first time making an animal act! Pretty nervous about that! But it was fun nonetheless! :D C&Cs please!


Btw here's the lighting tutorial of the shot done by Sarath Thomas. Check it out here.

Brilliant job Sarath!! :D


jEEvith said...

Ola.... sooooper...
i voted for u man.. i hope u get the macbook..

Good luck..:)

Adil dekate said...

Amazing stuff man ..Good luck !! Will vote for you :)

Dapoon said...

Thanks guys! Glad you liked it! Fingers crossed for the results! :D

damncreative said...

Woaaah dapooon love the shot bro. Great acting... VOTE VOTE

Dapoon said...

Thanks bro! :D

Dapoon said...

Hey guys results are out and I secured a place as Honorable mention I, which I guess is the fourth rank! And btw one of the judges was my idol Carlos Baena!!! :D

BIG thanks to all who voted for me for the Members Choice award, but unfortunately they removed that category due to 'suspicious' voting.

Here's the link: