Thursday, June 2, 2011

Animation And Art School

Students and artists who are looking out for big careers in animation film making ,VFX, specialization and contemporary media with high quality teaching by industry professionals and fully equipped high end infrastructure,here we are ANIMATION AND ART SCHOOL GOA welcomes you all . Hope our work does all the talking. Please do take a look

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Arun said...

can you tell about the school of animation and art in brief..
Animation Institute in India

Dapoon said...

Super awesome bro!! ROCK IT!! Loved the work! I wish you guys all the best! :)

KASANA said...

Yeaaaaaaah.Good Work.
And guys other thn work look out for the team behind this. Some Crazy Artist there :)
And then place called 'GOA' ....Woooooaa. All the Best.

damncreative said...

Thanks dapoon and Kasana. And arun Can i send you pdf which has the detailed description? Please give me your Email id

Preeti said...
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Preeti said...
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IIFD said...

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