Monday, November 14, 2011

TinTin Secret of the Unicorn - WOW!!

So I just got back from watching TinTin (in IMAX 3D) and WHOA! What a movie!!

Absolutely loved the story (well of course, it's TinTin), and more importantly the storytelling. To me, they heightened the movie several levels above the comic (the desert scenes were simply breathtaking). Even the characters, barring the button eyes, looked almost exactly like those in the comic (loved Nestor and Bianca Castafiore) and thankfully didn't look awkward and dead, although at times I couldn't help wishing it was all animated instead of mo-cap. Thanks Spielberg and Jackson AND WETA for retaining the essence of the comic and yet making it a visual treat! I simply can't wait for the next part.

Here's the making of the movie. :)


damncreative said...

Still havent watched this movie. Wating :/