Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Boy! Libera Artisti Hiring

Hi  Monsters,

   Some of you here are familiar with the name Libera Artisti , and some of you Aren't . Blame it on me since I, the lost mentor sheep of animation monsters, the prodigal Admin who never returned for last couple of years. Well, I am back now, and you can start slaying the biblical fatted cow or the fatted vinay ( :D ) ! Damn, You can kick my butt later. Now listen to me for a second.  We started Libera Artisti as a brotherhood of three artists. We'd been into comic books and stuff. Now we are taking it to the next level, Branching out as an animation studio based in Bangalore. And how are we gonna do this? Yes . I know . 3D 3D 3D. the Boom just killed the good old grace of 2D everywhere. We thought, why not look at it through an eye of quality again. We love 2D animation. And I bet my ass you all do ; eventhough most of you are digging through the -y axis of  3D world. All I want to say is , Have a look at our trailer. If you think you can deliver this or better, please do send in your showreels and resume. We are looking for young,enthusiastic people to build a core team that does only original contents. No outsourced work. No factory timings. Just trying to build a place where an animator/artist can forget about his worries and create . :)

This is our first project.


Unknown said...

don't give me links in comments to showreels. Do email us, in the given ID, it's much easier to keep track that way


damncreative said...

If any one who ever wanted to create some original content, Should apply. Thanks for the post ROSH

Dapoon said...

Absolutely and HIGHLY recommend this studio to EVERYONE who's passionate about animation... particularly 2D. And like Vinay said, always wanted to do original stuff but never got the chance? Well guess what! It's right there in front of you! :)