Monday, July 2, 2012


Hello Everybody!

I would like to share this short we did during some free time at RnH.  This film was done in 26 days from concept to final.

Zzzzuuupp!! from Sagar Funde on Vimeo.

Hope you guys will enjoy!


damncreative said...

Nice one folks. love it. Very well executed. Especially the treatment and direction. On the storytelling side i feel you could have pumped it up. Pacing is working well on the story flow. But the build up till the pay off falls flat.Correct me if am wrong . Hats off . You guys made it. And hey can you please do a making of. Really would love to see the breakdown.Congrats to the team.

Dapoon said...

I love the look of it! For 26 days, it's come out pretty awesome! Keep goin'! :)