Monday, October 29, 2007


hello folks
Welcome to ANIMATION MONSTERS:). This is the site for all upcomin animators. Exploit your creativity here. Upload all ya animations and get constructive CRITS from ya fella MONSTERS.We shall keep posting loads of new stuff , links, info and......... ofcourse animation(WAT ELSE)..So wat r u waiting for. Get hungry.. REAL HUNGRY.. Hop on to the journey of animation. cya around. And dont forget to log on everyday( U CAN WIN..... .. "NOTHING").



Bharathmv said...

Hey Guys! This is a good effort taken up by Kasana and Vinay......n others who have helped them in execution of the idea of starting an animation blog of our own. I believe we are here to share, learn, grow (not physicaly Ok but its only allowed for male animators) and have great fun. Way to go guys......And Kasana I am the first to give a comment, so your statement about me holds void.

Cya Animation Junkies n Monstrossess.

Girishct said...

This is a great way to start developing our animation skill. A really good initiative taken up by Vinay and Kasana. Thanks guys!!

Keep the Monster alive.

damncreative said...

Hey thnx guys. really appreciate u guys for involving. Now its ur responsibility to make sure everyone actively participates and posts .keep posting. Lets make this big. cheers