Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rigs to animate

Personally I recommend these rigs
Alfred - Awesome rig for acting

Basic Guy - Simple rig. good for body mechanics and some pantomime

Bloke - Nice rig with gr8 facial

Father of all Rigs - SIMPLY AWESOME. Nothing can beat this rig

Max for maya - Bloody awesome rig for everything

ANDY - Awesome customizable rig

Generi - Nice facial

lowman - Customize how ever u want

Monkey Rig - very sophisticated rig. More like a production one

Others rigs

Kiel figgins - Amazing rigs, robots,creatures , loads and loads of stuff

Highend3d - Every possible rig is available here


Unknown said...

nice dude! still, i hate alfred:(

Bharathmv said...

These are cool rigs but i need the rig which is used by this guy on Youtube "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=occFkFbl3ms". If any guys have a clue bout this please do put it up for others too. chaow for now.

damncreative said...

Ya Alfred is kinda bad. But We got no choice. Unless we make our own rig. I think ill start a topic on creating a new rig for ourselves

damncreative said...

And bharath tht rig is called NORMAN. We cannot get tht rig. Its owned by ACADEMY OF ART. And only their students r allowed to use tht. Sorry mate. U can use MAX FOR MAYA . Its some wat closed to tht. OR use HOGAN. Its the brother of norman. Its almost same. I Ve seen loads of amazing stuff with Hogan. Customize it and use it

Gaurav Ratra said...

Hey..... Nice collection....
But you are missing "Goon rig", Its New and it is inspired by Norman Rig (of Academy of art university)... Its very close to Norman and the best part.... Its FREE!!!!

Aabhaas said...

can we use the alfred rig for commercial purposes?