Sunday, February 17, 2008


Hello there my monster friends...I have developed a free rig named 'Maxo - The Lamp'...similar to Pixar's Luxo...This is rig for Max 9 and higher...probably very few of us will be using Max...but if possible do give it a try and tell me the things to improve about this guy...It all started as doing a rig for my friend...he suggested me to give away this rig as there are very few rig's to be used for animation exercises in Max...This is my first rig so do give me a feedback if possible...Download him from here...

...Cheers ! (Prasad)


damncreative said...

awesome. u developed the rig. unfortunately i dont use max. I started out with max then completely shifted out to maya. Afterall SOFTWARE doesnt matter at all. hehe

Prasad said... must be knowing about 'Pixo Jr.' which is a Maya rig...actually, that rig was my inspiration...I did it for Max,that's it :-)