Friday, February 8, 2008

watch ur step

Hiii guys ... a small clip of animation which is still not complete ... would like to here some comment's... plz feel free to do so .....


damncreative said...

Finally first post. woooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww. hehe. ne way. Nice idea. looks pretty neat. But could ve worked on texture in timing and the way story builds up. Polish it. Some parts are kinda jerky. But gr8 work. Keep it up and keep posting


Unknown said...

where the heck did u find this concept!!! he he .. it's cool! love the concept and acting part. the problems are with animation principles. a lil bit more care about timing would help a lot. and watch the path of the ball.. most of the time the bounces will go in neat arcs..trace the arcs, at some places u r missing it. i can see the ball sliding back and forth in some areas, breaking the arc path ..

and the other guy's walk ..a kind jerky..i agree with vinay.. u need to go get Animators survival kit and try a few different walks to get a good idea about this for sure.. sushhh..dont worry, everybody does this once in a while :-D

cool stuff. keep goin..