Sunday, July 26, 2009

jeff gabor s Ice age 3 shot evolution reel

Hey monsters,
Sorry for not updating monsters. Was busy all this month and i was on a road trip to everywhere . As soon as i came back i was blown away seeing this shot breakdown by our good old super awesome animator jeff gabor for ice age 3 . you guys should have seen this by now , or else here u go

Evolution reel

jeff s site



Prasad said...

Great ! great ! ...thanks a lot ...last time i searched that ref of "hoton heras a who" like crazy it somehow ...and this as much cool ...oh man ! around 32 days !!! ...that's something ...thanks again Vinay

damncreative said...

yup m really inspired . daaamn these people are damn lucky to be in one of the greatest animation studios and producing such kinda work.. wooooooooow

vedanth rajan said...

hey can you check the link unfortunatly I am not able to access any of the link :( i really really really wanna check it out :(

Harish k said...

saw it in facebook..really awesome!!

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

Ok! I watched ICE AGE 3 in Digital 3D or Real 3D or Stereoscopic 3D or True 3D and I don't know how many more names it has, but I insist, actually would like to force you all to watch it in 3D. It is simply awesome, mind blowing and what all and what not. It was an amazing experience. At least for me as I couldn't even recollect having watched Chota Chetan in 3D in early 90's. But when I watched Ice Age, I was wonder struck. I don't have more words to admire, appreciate the film. It is a wonder indeed. Just go and watch it in 3D. And you will thank me for asking you to do so.

Cheers. Go watch it!!!