Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Prof. Identity

Guys I've change my Professional Identity or can say Logo. I was working on this ..hmm...prbly last 6 months. 6 Months for this small design. Ya I'm not a Rabbit. :(
This is not full version. Cause of some vague reasons, full version I'll reveal after few months.
Please let me know your opinion.

And now I've few tips also to share, but you doesn't seems to be interested.


Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

Are you serious? Ok, I am interested. Can you please elaborate on this design of yours. As to what it exactly means!

animutant said...

heyy me too...i also want to hear the tips.The Design looks interesting to me.

Harish k said...

6 monthssss?????? now i want to hear the concept behind it..

Prasad said...

Looks interesting ...eager to see the complete version of it ! :)

jEEvith said...

hey... M in...

KASANA said...

Ho! Ho! Never thought you guy'll be interested. Anyways.
After long thought I had to drop SLEEPING MONKEY cause tought behind that was very obscure.I'always had to describe. So no point. And there were few more reasons.
Then I had to choose new name. Out of around 30+ name I wrote down....few were, WHACK!, BANG!, CIRCLE, LEFTY, Monster's Lab.
Finally I got convinced on MONSTER's FARM.
This logo will replace letter 'O' in Monster's Farm.
But because I'm still not sure about the rest Text choice. So I'm not revealing it.
And why 6 monthssss!!!! ?
Name choice took the maximum time. Only name speak a lot about you, your work etc. Then I read few articles, Tips on Logo and brand identity. Its durability, readability in any size, and simplicity.
Surely I'll share all this in detail very soon.
Only thing I believe now is that keeping anything simple & unique is very challenging.

KASANA said...

And precisely I want to share one more thing. Once you decide one option, you have to wait for many days, to see if this name or design will work in longer period.I had drop many options after 2 or 3 weeks which was looking very promising at initial stages.

Unknown said...

Taau, mast hai......luks quite professional & is much better dan ur previous one..he he...anyways even am curious to know the concept behind it like d rest , Gud work

vedanth rajan said...

very very very intersted... plz share thy knowledge with us also!!!