Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nickelodean Animation Festival

Hey folks,
Would you guys dare to make nickelodean people laugh for 15 seconds with your character, Well here is a chance. Just found this link and i think this is the chance to create something of your own. You gotto to make a 15 sec animation with your own character and make nickelodean guys laugh their a$$e$. You guys definately gotto to check it out. All the best if your participating in this festival

LINK : http://www.nick.com/animation-festival/enter.jhtml



KASANA said...

THIS IS...............AWESOME!
though I don't have any plan to participate. But I'll keep this in mind. Surely I'm gonna give a shot.
thnks dude!

Prasad said...

Wow this is awesome ! ...thanks a ton for pointing it out ...

Dapoon said...

woah!! this is great vinay!! i DO have a 15 sec concept in mind, but i dunno if it'll be funny enuff!! nevertheless i guess i oughta try it! :)