Wednesday, November 4, 2009


All right Finally Finally my reel guys...
hpff hoo man,lot of work..hehe..
dapoon i ADDED MUSIC THIS TIME..bwhahehe!!
n then
i have not yet copied my CD with the reel yet guys,so i am still open for comments..I have been working in n could have missed some things,it happens most of the time u know,u make very silly let me know what u feel..
any flow u can tell me now ^_^


n guys i am planing to rearrange r even remove few make it look feel free to give comments guys


jEEvith said...

wow wow wow...!!
Dude, awesme man,.. great stuff.
My fav in dis is Baxter n jungle safari...
All the best man...:)

Prasad said...

It's a Perfect Reel !!! :)

Now best luck for your travel from here after !

Unknown said...

U have done awesome work
so keep going and best of luck for future

Ajay vishwakarma said...

perfect Dude...................awesome timing..............tarzan wala was perfect................... work on the game animation................

Unknown said...

Hey dude,
Loved ur reel, sweet n simple!!!
Work on d compiling a bit more like i suggested earlier
If reqd. den only put d axe animation coz u have 2 many of clips so put d best ones
In ur bug sting animation, d overlap action on d fingers is too d beginning when d bug starts irritating blake n he waves his hand 2 make it go away (don't know how 2 put it, hope u got it)
Dats all 4m my side
Gr8 going

Dapoon said...

HAREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH AWESOME REEL MAN!!!! it was very well made, with the music very aptly chosen!! i even loved the flow of the reel, with just ONE exception... i'd put the hunter piece at the end (i mean just before the deer animation). since u need to put ur two best pieces in the front and end of ur reel, i figured the hunter was one of the better ones (than the bee piece).

ok now on with the comments. and gear up for a looooooooong comment (like always!! lol)...

technically, over all i'd say it's still in the "almost there" stage. i can sense a few places that STILL seemed floaty or unpolished.

* the lowgdog is cute, but the hangtime can STILL be better! it seems like it SUDDENLY came down... so the FLOW is missing.

* "the music" piece is awesome! but u can further fix up the part where he suddenly looks down after saying "...making it" (0:14 secs). it's too snappy, almost like his neck broke! :P i'd even ask u to go one step further by subtly animating the left hand (esp the fingers) as he keeps holding the guitar. and put a strap around so we know the guitar's not just floating in air! lol

* the "flu" piece is another AWESOMENESS!! very nice subtle movements! i dunno if it's possible now, but u can add a nice SNIFF in the middle (that's what u do when u catch a cold huh?). also the part where he relaxes after drinking, the knees when they part, it feels a li'l floaty. maybe cuz u've animated everything (or atleast the major parts) at the same time and with the same timing. the knees part AS he's falling back on his chair. THAT'S causing the unnecessary float. just fix that up! even the sudden "FALL BACK ON CHAIR" animation of the character lacks a bit of weight! cudnt really feel the THUMP! i guess u just have to work on the overlaps!

* the "axe" part, i'm afraid seems to be the weakest in ur reel! i mean it's pretty good, but when placed alongside ur other works, it seems a li'l undone. the antic is VERY VERY floaty! almost in 1st pass stage! even if u're trying to show a slowmotion, it's not really working. u can try to speed it up. check it out!

* so u chose "baxter" huh!! lol, good choice! i love this piece!! it's just the LIPSHAPES i'm concerned abt. a li'l fix up might work great! u can also try opening his right hand a li'l bit when he swings it while saying "covered with hair". the silhouette rite now is not very clear.

* the hunter is KICK (harish's) ASS man, KICK (harish's) ASS!! lol just one suggestion... remove the music. it's from WALL-E and it immediately reminds us of the movie. the demo reel music is good enough to go with the animation (infact it mite sound even better!). i'd also ask u to add a BANG sound when tarzan hits the tree. it feels a li'l incomplete there when tarzan's shouting SUDDENLY comes to a halt. the BANG will be a nice way to stop his scream! other than that, the hunter shake at the end cud use some work. it's too jittery! also remove the zoom out, it's unnecessary.

* the "bee" piece is also superb. i loved the acting... but the shoo-away wave is STILL wavy! make it subtler man! also when he slides his left hand down from his cheek, the face distortion (1:43) is a li'l unbelievable. it's way too distorted. just make it subtler. the antic for the yawn cud use some cushioning. right now it's a li'l snappy!

* the deer piece is pretty cool i guess! the other deer was a nice touch!

that's all bro (THAT'S "ALL"?? lol)!! this is a GREAT reel man! one of the best i've seen!! i'm just pointing these things out to make u PUSH the envelope further, so that other fellow animators may curse u saying,"damn! that a****** harish made such a kick ass reel, now WE have to work harder to keep up with him!! *@#$%%" lol

i'm VERY proud of u bro! i'm sure u'll be an asset to whichever studio u join! all the very best bro!!

keep at it!

Harish k said...

hohoho..thxs guys
jeevith i am glad u like my baxter..that was the first dilog i ever animated sob sob :) the reason baxter is there in my reel is because i dont have any thing else to put..bwhaheheh!!

prasad thx bro i guess i will be touring india to find a job now..bwhahehe!! may be if i dont find a job i will write a book on my journey to the end of the world..

nikul & ajay thx for the support
n ajay i am removing that axe animation from the reel..thx for the comment.

well dapoooon i was waiting for ur comment..N U WERE LATE ASS :P
i am planing to remove that axe animation n may be even that deer animation from my reel...
just to show only my best work..too many things right now..n its making the reel long n boring..will be removing those 2 n thx for the comment bro this is what i actually wanted comments to make it better..loved it will be giving the final touch up n rearrange my reel in one r 2 days..n start applying :) from monday may be..if possible i will uploaded it again :)


n we didnt vinay comment ohohoo he as gone out of station..coool

Deepak Arasu said...

Its a great one Dude, I can see some really good potential in this.

Intro Puppy Animation: Nice one, may be you could work a little on the head. As right now the head look a little stiff. It goes well with the music - good choice.

"Guys u know what" Dialog: this is one of the major highlights of your reel. I have a lot of comments on this but would like to point this out on a separate email. As of now the major ones are that I feel the lip sync is a little off at places. Please check up. Remember the lipsync too needs its antiq's, overlaps etc etc.

"I hate pills" mime looks good, but remember to break the movements to make it more interesting and believable. Remember his legs are in water so his movement need to sell this, so I suggest breaking the timing for the legs here. His pelvis looks stuck in the seat followed by his lower spine.

"Axe girl" Please take this one out of your reel. Not really selling.

" Miniature Budha Dialog" I would suggest you to take this one out too. The idea looks good but needs some more work.

" Hunter Mime" This is the 2nd best work and needs to be brought to the 3rd place.

"Yawning Mime" This looks good, this should be in the 4th place. when the guy swallows the bug - the guy could hav a lil more hang time (may be a frame or two more)and a very quick fall as u have now.

I have tried to comment on the major ones that I could find....

Wish you all the very best...
Cheers to Animation :)

pcavale said...

nice stuff man! :)


Harish k said...

Thx for the comments guys..