Sunday, November 1, 2009

"This One r That One" (Confused)

Hi guys, i am stuck...
now i want to know, which one u like from the two...this dilogs r student level..i have just worked a bit on it..
i have spoken to few of my friends already..n taken there suggestions..
I want to know what u guys feel also..n which one of the two u like..
Cheers Harish.k ^_^


Dapoon said...

i say the second one ("baxter"). it looks much more natural than "jilting me".

"jilting me" is no doubt superb and visually very appealing (with the bg designs and all), but the scientist is too pose to pose! it's almost as if he's acting. also after he goes to a pose, he comes absolutely to a stand still. so i cudnt feel him being alive. also the robot hardly does anything! i like the improvised ending though!!

meanwhile "baxter" has that subtlety to it that draws us (ME atleast) towards the character. just one thing, if u decide to go with "baxter", i'd ask u to remove that gag. to me it suddenly looks very out of place. i mean u're getting us into the mood and suddenly u take it all away. but anyway it's just my opinion.

see dude, both are awesome and i know u've worked REALLY hard on them! but just that i find "baxter" more appealing! if i were u, i'd choose it and give it a final round of polishing... esp the lipsync (the shapes rite now are a bit odd, esp when he says "buddha").


Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

See, I told you! hehehe! "Baxter" is better! All the best!

Prasad said...

I like both of them equally ...but agree with dapoon that later one is comparatively more right for the reel ! Hope it gets it easier for you to choose's greatest hard decision ...what to put on reel ...ha ha ha !