Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hellooo Guys....This is my 1st Dialogue Animation, So.......Critics please..... :)


Harish k said...

wow i am impressed...awesome stuff..
want to see how u open it up..its great so far..beautiful blocking

*few things like weight shift u have to take care off..

*n the poses at 2sec to 4sec when he say "doctor evil"..u have to take care of the arc in the lower body also..break the poses its to symmetrical..

*the story line is actually good...but u have to make the probs also,add to the effects..
put 2 r 3 dummy guys sitting next to him..they r also most a sleep ...n add on stuffs like will make the shot more intresting :)

i loved it :)
cant belive its ur first dilog shot..great going :)

Unknown said...

Thank you.... :D,
I'll definitely update after I modify. :D

Prasad said...

I too agree with Harish ...It's one great blocking there ...enjoyed it a lot ! Looking forward for the final outcome !

Dapoon said...

i've been tellin u bit2, u've got loads of potential! i see the passion in u to animate. the dialogue looks great but why didn't ya choose the norman rig?? anyway i love the acting choices, although the initial part where he gets up to say 'DOCTOR' could use some more force. i also agree with harish about adding more characters. good luck bro! can't wait to see more of this.

Unknown said...

Ya I shud'hav taken Norman, actually we were doin our sem-2 with Hogan itself so....tats y.... ;P

Next Dialouge, say hello 2 NORMYYY... ;)

Harish k said...

r u from takshaa??