Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mr.Evil Finally Opened

Well dis is wat I came up wit..... Wat do ya say ??


Prasad said...

Sweet stuff man ! Enjoyed it ! Certain things what i felt are can add more weight while he gets up from the chair ...around five second mark, am not sure but his left hand makes very strange movement, i guess you can start rotating it much before, when it's still near the body ...can work on weight-shift at certain places ...just things what i felt, what you say IMHO ! LOL ! Good luck !

Harish k said...

great stuff...
work on ur walk rest looks great..n work on weight shifts n timing can be pushed.
keep it going

ekta said...

ur wrk wz pretty good...gr8 goin..lukin forward 4 som more stuffs...keep it up!!