Friday, April 9, 2010

dialogue WIP

hey guys been quite a while since i last posted my work. well this is one of my old files. i just heard the dialogue, hit upon an idea and started blocking it without an ounce of thought to the acting choice!! i'm thoroughly confused with the acting of both the guys. so please guide me...

the scenario is that a tourist comes to a remote tribe village and meets this tribal. he tries to communicate with him in english, but is shocked to know the tribal can speak just as good english as he does... and a slang version at that!!


KASANA said...

good choice!
If You see as a whole both are acting big...Without contrast.Tourist is seeking help,desperate to find someone who speaks the language.So big action will go nicely.on contrary tribal is going to surprise the tourist. even surprise for us (audience)too.And he knows, he knows the lingo.and he will be dominant n confident too. which is there in last pose,but cliche. I think you will keep him composed n contended.
Once manu said, rajnikant knows that he dominates the screen, and even if he do small action he dominates the scene aswell.
thats how i feel about the contrast between them.

AndrewRoot said...

Anyway nice idea! :))

damncreative said...

dapooon finally back into action. This is good man. Loved the idea , its brilliant. As far the acting choice, What i feel is characterization is missing. Kasana pointed out the main key point. Perfect. My concern is visually the tribal character is not strong in his characteristics. The tribal guy should be in a those authentic tirbal pose and his gestures should be like a animal. So when he talks english, u have a contrast . If u have seen jackie chan s movie "Who am I", i guess u ill get a clear picture . The tourist is pretty good. He needs a far better reaction when the tribal guy speaks English . Great going dude