Wednesday, April 21, 2010


"Tinker Bell"
I am Proud to be a Part of this Movie :) :) :)
Love Everything in it.. Kids r Just going to Love Her Like Never Before.. its really Fun to be a Part of this Amazing team :)
Lead By Some of the Coolest Guys i have seen Venki, Rohan n Pushkaraj n all my Friends
Amazing Artists i mean there is just soo much u can Learn n Share in this place..
..N when u see ur shots after render its just an amazing feeling which cant be Explained..haha..Love it

Amazing Guys "Just Amazing"


jEEvith said...

woooaaahhh...! awesme man..i'd seen this movie trailer a few days bck...nice animation..

Neways congrats dude... ur style... bwahehhehahha...:D

AndrewRoot said...


damncreative said...

woaaah nice dude. Love the trailer....its always great to be a part of a movie..... Keep goin bro..:D

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

I am happy for you, Harish! What more can I say? Bwahehehehe!

Dapoon said...

i'll be happy ONLY after u arrange a special premier for me in IMAX 3D!!!

lol very impressive bro! love the whole feel of it! awesome work!

btw cud u point out ur shots from the trailer?? wud love to know! jus curious that's all!

cheers and keep flying high! ^_^

Prasad said...

You must be one proud man ! Hope to get this DVD ! ...and congrats foe your achievement !