Thursday, December 20, 2007

Animation is like drum beats

Hey folks,
Here is some interesting observation i made. Animation is more like drum beats. Y? hmmm. I dunno about u guys, it works for me. Just try this out. Take a beat. Analise it and try animating with the beat. Its awesome. Listen to some drumming and try relating it to animation. Its very similar. In drums u start playing a beat and suddenly u change the beat. the whole mood and rhythm changes. Likewise in animation. u start giving variation in the performance. It looks beautiful. Just try this. This is some thing i try out all the time. It works. Cos we humans relate to music very fast.

A simple exercise to try out is , take a ball rig. Take a beat which has a lot variation. While the beat changes, Start playing around with timing,speed,bounces and use the space on the screen.Manuittina ( My Mentor) always used to say animation is like orchestra. U need every instrument to get that melody.hehe.wierd eh?

Thats all folks

vinay ( admin )


Unknown said...

nice method dude to learn how to add texture in your overall timing. The change in pace is everything ...stillness v/s motion is what makes your animation interesting..nobody wants to see a clip with everything flashing around everywhere with same pace or something holds in the middle of the frame with a few blinks..when holds and action comes in neatly planned intervals..that grabs your audience's attention. same with's not the beat..the sudden change,highs and lows of the beat makes us listen to it without losing interest :)