Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thanks to the Admins!

Today, while I was going through our Animation Monsters Blog, I found so many links that lead to informative stuff and great animators and artists. They are such a treasure for an aspiring animator. The matter is also inspirational and helpful in accelerating the enthusiasm in one to animate with more fun. If not in this Blog, I would have found these links somewhere else, but maybe at a very very later stage. But here it is, right at the time when we all need it.

So, I would like to THANK our Blog Admins and Senior Animators, Vinay and Kasana for taking such an initiative to start this blog and to encourage us to participate in it. This is a platform for us to improvise on our works and keep going. I hope that we be successful in taking this Blog far far away to a higher level.

All the best to my Monster Buddies!

Thanks once again!


KASANA said...

Ya really. If saying it very precisely. we all together n someway helping each other. So instead of just One (Yourself) now around 10-15 people contributing to our growth n knowledge.


Deepak Arasu said...

Thanks chandu for mentioning it.
Thanks a lot guys it is indeed a useful resource to all of us.

Keep roaring....

Unknown said...

well, it's good to know about these things at the earlier stage of learning! enjoy!
keep checking


damncreative said...

hey fellows. thanx a lot chandu and all the guys who are actively participating in this blog and makin it grow. Lets take our blog to the next level . We are planning for a lot more stuff. And thnx for the link rosh. will put it up on the main page.