Saturday, December 8, 2007

Final Fantasy

So here is the results for our Monsters. Their is tie between 7 and 9th

In the second place with 5 votes each is 14 and 24.
The third place goes again to monsters 17 and 22 with 4 votes each... and the runner up is 10 with 3 vote.

So in this week we will work out on both the character.
Thanks to our buddy monsters Chandru and Vedanth. They have done all this job. I'm just posting on their behalf.
Thank you monsters and keep scaring.

Admin (Kasana)


optical_flavor said...

hellllo.. among the 7th and 9th i think 9th one looks better as of now, but anyway since u guys r workin on it again i think we'll have a votin session again after that.. will give the final verdict then :)

Unknown said...

i don't think there's much difference between 7 and 9 ..structurally.. so would be easier to finalize.. anyhow, we gotta clean up the stuff and make it look better for the final. carry on!