Saturday, December 1, 2007

Finish your work in time!

Sometimes we just get bored of our assignments. We work on a single assignment for weeks and then realize that we can no more look at the same old file open. We all must have faced this at a certain point of time in our animation careers as a student or professional. There is a simple example Kasana told me, which will be helpful to all of us.

Try this, take a glass of water half filled or full, whatever, hold it in your hand for sometime. At first you will feel that the glass is light. But as little time passes, it gets heavier and heavier and our hand starts paining. So too with the assignments, if you don't finish it in time, it will become pressurizing and difficult to keep up with the new assignments. We may also get bored with work. So, keep working on them and finish them in time. Remember, Pizzas taste good when eaten hot. Same way, assignments are interesting if you can manage to keep them new. Keep adding and keep pushing. Happy animating to all of us!

Cheers, Chandra


Unknown said...

well,you r right. most of the time, it's tough to keep the inspiration level same. u'll be much ecxited about the project in hand when u start it and think about it the first few days. then for some reason it goes down a little bit.
i think the best thing to do is break down your work flow. and give yourself breaks. what i mean is.. you can add breaks in your work flow between phases like primary blocking, inbetweens, first pass, lipsync, second pass, polish.. take a short break, a good night's sleep, something else to fresh your mind to get back to work the next day. after all, i repeat, we are not machines:)

Girishct said...

a suggestion fer such situation..:):
save ur work and close anyone of the best demoreels u recently saw and see what u like about it and what makes it so appealing`ll definitely inspire u...don`t start working on ur shot immediately...take ur time..gather up enough enthusiasm to give it ur best shot n work on it..before u know it,u`d have improved ur shot by atleast 30/40 percent if not entirely.


damncreative said...

very well said chandu. Its true. the more time u hold it, u ill loose interest. One more thing i want to add is , Most of em just try to tweak it and tweak and....... keep tweaking the animation with out ever knowing wher they r goin wrong. Its a total waste of time and thats where u loose interest. So use maximum of ur time for planning stage. Plan it out properly. before u open ya animation software , u should ve everything in ya head. Thats a gr8 way to animate.