Thursday, March 12, 2009

BLAKE "just awesome"

Hello monsters...hope everybody is good...i just came by and i guess all the monsters r taking rest...bwhahehe!! very few ppl r active ahhh...i wonder what happened ^_^

allright guys here is the deal, the new rig in town...and let me tell u, norman is out very good news but just check this out,U will go Mad....amazing,this Rig is just amazing..check it out guys
BUt the rig can be used only in maya 2008 and higher T.T

Rig features:
* Multiple appearance options and clothing accessories
* Stretchy IK back with advanced twist controls
* Stretchy arms and legs with bendy elbows/knees
* FK/IK switching with FK/IK Matching for arms and legs
* Space Switching for arms and legs
* Clavicle controls
* Elbow and knee pole vector controls
* Full Finger Controls
* Multiple foot pivots
* Breath control
* Ear controls
* Stretchable head and neck
* Scalable from the Super Mover
* Full Osipa style facial rig


Enjoy Maadi


Prasad said...

Wooohoo ! ...that's some nice rig ...i really liked the part where i can give him different appearances ! ...thanks for sharing man !

...and no, monsters are not resting ...they are just getting inspired ...or maybe anticipating for a big jump to be more precise ! ...ha ha ha ...cheers !

Prasad said...

...between, more precise link for download...

KASANA said...

OH! Great. Thanks for sharing Harish.
this goin to be awesome.

Dapoon said...

oh man!! this guy seems PERFECT for the dialogue i wanna do!! heh heh heh!! i must be lucky!! thanks soooo much harish! ;)

Dapoon said...


Harish k said...

BWhahehe!! ya dapoon it is maya 2008 rig..even i want nuts after i saw that...but hii still this is future bro..The future of free rigs..hahahe!!

kasana ji i am sure u will come up with some great animation ^_^

Prasad exactly this is just amazing,u almost have 6 to 7 different characters and plus u can always change him to the way u want him to be...i love this rig.. i hope i will have time to play with it ^_^

Dapoon said...

need to install maya 2008 PRONTO!! enuff of that maya 7 crap already! ;P

damncreative said...

wow looks really gr. i need to check it out right now. :)

vedanth rajan said...

it works on maya 7.0 love the mouth and everything but the eyebrow!!! I really like individual control for each brow! dont really find it intutive :( its a nice rig but I wish it looked generic! I hope my opinion on it will change when I start animating it :D

happy animating!!!

Dapoon said...

it works on MAYA 7?? HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW???
i tried opening it in notepad/wordpad and changing "2008" to "7", didnt help! please tell me how!

Unknown said...

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