Monday, March 16, 2009

pantomime + gearchange

hi guys i'm sort of done with my pantomime /gearchange exercise! it was GR8 fun!! however i STILL have to tighten up a few things here and there. i'll also slowly be putting textures and adding details to it. but now i gotta get on with my FIRST EVER DIALOGUE!! ooooh man cant wait for it! ^_^

btw i guess one of the BEST (& safest, lol) ways to take revenge on a REAL b'lore traffic policeman for his CRAPPY traffic controlling is to ANIMATE him!! that way he'll atleast be IN YOUR CONTROL! lol :D

do give in ur c & c!

p.s. vinay, kasana i tried to incorporate the changes u guys gave me, but while i was doing that, unfortunately i realised my deadline was rather speeding up on me! so i had to let them go... sorry guys! :(


vedanth rajan said...

hey dapooooooon!!! its nice man! really nice! just a couple of things!! what is he doing in seconds 9-10 after putting up his hand to stop sign!!! is he odering 1/2 chai??? and that go back thing with his hand would be better if u open the hand.right now it looks like its in a gimble lock...

all da best on ur dialogue :D

Prasad said...

Nice one dude ! ...liked how you showed those variations in timing ...and ya, he looks tired to me ...especially when he walks at the start ...thump ! thump ! know ...feeling heavy ! good !

Harish k said...

hey dapoon this is a great man..i like some stuff like the attitude in the cop,come out nice..
but still there is work to do, it is hitting on some places check that..and i think u need to work on the last run..u know it does nt have that impact..
Everything builds up really nicely and in the end the impact r fastness of the run..u know is not there i feel ^_^
check it out bro
All the best

Dapoon said...

yep thanks guys! shall work on the changes! :D