Friday, March 6, 2009

pantomime + gearchange (full blocking)

hey guys i'm done with the blocking of my pantomime! got one week to open it. i hope the clip is not too fast, esp the cartoony run!! i'm also a li'l confused abt the layout, i dont want the traffic pedestal at any point of time to hinder with the cop's silhouette, which is happening right now when he walks to the right! plz suggest some changes. also do pour in ur c&c.

btw prasad, i tried to give him a bored attitude, but it didnt really work out. seems like he HAS to stay alert all the time!! lol :D any more changes are more than welcome!


Prasad said...

Nice one man ! ...ending is cool ...he is like "what man !, no no no, go back" ...and then whatever happens is just great ...nice gestures ...but in couple of places it's confusing first few frames, when he starts walking why is he looking down ...and what is he doing during this walk ...putting his shirt in i guess !

...and, that's was just a suggestion what fits best for your animation or storyline maybe ...Good Luck !

Dapoon said...

hey prasad, thanks for liking it man! well abt the confusing parts u talked abt, when he looks down before walking, he's simply doing it. i thot it'd add more naturalness to the acting, since when we walk, we dont always look straight. we look sideways, up, down etc. abt the action that he performs when he walks, he he he, i wanted to show him SCRATCH his ass!! i'll try making it readable as i smooth it out.
hwvr thanks for liking it buddy! i'll try and finish it in this week!!

Mahesh said...

haha.. nice animation Nideep.. more like bugsbunny..

Dapoon said...

nideep??? uh this is dapoon here! thanks for liking it anyway!! ^_^