Monday, March 23, 2009

indian animation ROCKING!!

guys these are some of the most HILARIOUS clips i've ever witnessed in my life! and the best part: it's all PAKKA DESI (courtesy: webchutney)!!

this is a caricature of the famous pankaj udhaas ghazal "chithhi aayi hai".

this is on sholay!

this is on ali baba and 40 thieves!

u've probably seen these, but what i wanna say is i'm just so glad that indian animation is coming up with gr8 stuff like this! THIS IS WHERE WE SHUD FOCUS OURSELVES! check them out and LYAO! :D


Prasad said...

You got it right ! ...between did you noticed they all are old animation ...probably done couple of years back ...that last one looks like it was done for KBC, that's way to back know what i mean ! :)

KASANA said...

Salute to these guy. N Dapoon no doubt... Pankaj Udash clip is really hilarious. Loving this to the core.
you know.
But it never other two are any less.
Ot I'll say.. " Sab Theek hi hai."

:) :) :)

Thanks for sharing on Monsters.

Sinu Chandrasenan said...

its all hilarious! love the style of the third one :)

Harish k said...

"Master Piece" :)