Thursday, June 4, 2009

Demo Reel 2009

Bonjour and Vanakam,

This will be my reel which is close to completion for the year 2009. This is one hell of a year for most of us I guess. So, cheeeeers to that tooooo :]

C and c's please...


Dapoon said...

hey nice reel there deepak! u've really improved by leaps i must say!

i really love that norman woman piece! very well polished! even the other pieces are great!

the pantomime IS an improved version of ur ballman piece i know! it looks really cool and quite funny!! i love the way he side steps and wears the helmet and the way he wobbles after the tire gets stuck on his body!

one small thing i kinda lost there was the action at 0:23 secs. i know u were trying to show that he was abt to say his line and he forgot, but it didnt really register in the first go. i had to watch it a second time to understand that. so u might wanna work a li'l on that.
also that very part looks sorta bland and uninteresting, cuz he's just standing there still. u CAN make him stand there still, but he stands for tooooo long (to the point of... "ok what's next").

maybe after standing still for sometime, he cud retract his rite hand, try snapping his fingers 2 - 3 times looking here and there trying to remember his lines.. or SOMETHING! it cud spice up that part! just ponder on it!

u mite also wanna work on the run of the two characters after they kiss backstage!

another small itsy bitsy thing i'd like u to take care of is ur presentation! i hear a lot of mic sounds (where u hear the air puffs... dont know what else to call it lol). do remove that. and also try not to have the BG music when u have dialogue pieces playing. it kinda distracts people from concentrating on the animation and the acting!

but bro i'm really PROUD of u! u've really improved and i'm very excited to have seen this! try doing some indian acting now!

cheers! keep inspiring! ROCK ON! :D

Deepak said...

Deepak you rocking....its good and amazing at my level..
dapoon bro..I love to read your idea and comments critiques..they just work really very well.
yes deepak you should just work ovar indian film dialogue, like dapoon bro has done. and really very awesome where the curtain falls and couple were kissing,,,hehehe and the run to save image..
good brother keep it up....

Deepak Arasu said...

Holy god, thanks a lot Dapoon I will work on it :) The updated reel is posted on my blog. Wanted to comment back in detail anyways....

Hey thanks Deepak for the comments.