Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Who is supposed to be blamed? The bad animators? or the inefficient Entrepreneur? or the financiers in Bolly wood?

An article by the CEO of Animation Dimension

My question: As someone said when the bow breaks the cradle falls. Does anyone, even care about the baby? What happened to it. Was there a baby inside or was it empty?

The ultimate point that I would want to know is, do the companies still reward and encourage good works in INDIA? (Shame on the animation Industry if not)

Lets discuss?


damncreative said...

Damn good post and its high time we talk about this issue, and thanx to deepak for initializing it.

Let me just start with "Indians are not ready for animated movies". Do u guys agree? I feel the audience are not ready to watch a animated movie. The concept of animated movie for a normal Indian audience is just a cartoon and nothing beyond that. They dont even have the knowledge of how a animation movie is done or have the knowledge of appreciating it. Its no ones fault. Its just the place we live in. According to me animation in India has made its mark only into ads or at the most , animated series.

The question is Y?

According to me the only people who has understood indian audience is Vaibhav kumeresh and deemanth vyas. look at the stuff they created , Everything is accepted and appreciated by indian audience. Most of the animation movie directors in india havent understood the audience , Its not about putting up jazzy funky stuff on the screen, its all about the audience and no seems to bother about it. so the cradle has to fall whether we like it or not.

y cant we just concentrate on the small scale and build up the animation industry. y cant we educate people about animation in smaller and smart ways and make the audience get hooked to animation. Every thing needs time and people over here do not understand it. Even the greatest animation company like pixar and disney tooks 20+ years to reach this kinda level and indian animation industry is not even 15 yrs old. hehehe(makes me laugh). We got long way to go and the people sitting on the top should consider this industry as seriously as live action . It takes more pain to create something which doesnt exist except in your head .

And most importantly the education of animation in India has become a money making machine. All the bloody institutes dont know shit about movie making or animation. So the problem lies at the root , so THE CRADLE HAS TO FALL .

Animation industry has become a JOKE , Y? , cos we indians took up animation as a service industry and now we are trying to do something of our own, to our people. Tht doesnt happen immediately. We need to understand the aesthetics of our industry in INDIA.

We have so much of issues and no one talks about it, all we do is keep showing nasscom reports and dance around saying the industry has future. BIG JOKE.

KASANA said...

Unfortunately 'No.'
Now What? Should I compromise ?
In last meeting I asked Vaibhav same question. I asked "Though we want to do good work but what if there is no takers."
He said you have to make way for you.
Its not like that you will do your kind of work and will mint money also.
He very clearly said that you have to bring balance between your responsibilities and your work.

One day PG ( Anand) was saying that he is working in Dreamworks
so that he can buy future. So that He can do what he wants do.
Otherwise he don't like DW.
Dhimant Vyas, Ishu Patel has made their own way.
Vaibhav,E. Suresh and UttamPal is
enjoying their work and minting money also.
I know few more guys who are not Big shots in the industry but one day they will be. So precisely there will be more. We can be one among them.
I'm sure I m not talking anything philosophical. Whatever I said all these are live examples in front of us.
If they can do, We Can do.
And on the philosophical side. How About staying positive.
But this is really nice topic to be talk about. Because more than anyone I want to say all these thing to myself.
Cause I want to stay Positive.

Deepak said...

Right being positive is not the bad thing....but I found some part of truth in the comment...animation in india has become the new way of making money......Usually I can see the news Nasscom announses2 laks job this years....and an animators interview under this who is earning 50000 p.m., and some moreimportant information is "you can also earn money to joi their degree programs" and then Instt; names.....blaw blaw... and the population of India runs there in the instt.....before 2 years there were 50 students in a reputed instt. of animation and now 850 of streingth...huh...it's the game of earning money among all these instt...I am just a student until I get job.....there is no work in studios....but I have many junior behind me fighting with the unemployed...huh that gonna happen please tell anyone...and forgive me I am chota bachcha among all of you guys....sorry...

damncreative said...

kasana i really agree with you. There s only one way to find out. Stay positive and keep doing your work

Arasu, what do u feel about this?

Deepak Arasu said...

Well said Vinay, you read my mind. Apart from a lot of people who are blind drunk there are more, around the world. It would be rude to blame the animators. It is the Directors who are responsible for this along with those training institutes. Its money making game definitely.

I also feel we should not compare the rest of the world to India on recession terms.Because of many reasons. The 1st one being the 2nd largest population in the world.
Dude if we cannot sell in India, how can we even spell the word world?

It doesn't really look ok, to blame someone. may be its pointless but it will help the world understand our positions. Than to stay silent.

I wish the respect for good work should not be lost.

I also think what Kasana said is right from the point of view of staying positive. But the truth is not every animator becomes Vaibhav,E. Suresh or UttamPal - whom ever we could add to the list. Probability always exists.

vedanth rajan said...

I feel animation is just a way to tell a story... if the story is good it should not matter what the medium is!!! I somehow cant blame any one person for that... in live action there are good ones and bad ones... the good ones are doing well not just because it was done by a good director or good actor, it does well maybe for a few days, with big names, but it wont be remembered for long... I feel its the combination of all those factor...