Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WIP - Pantomime

Hey guys, have been working on this mime for sometime and now I need some Comments and Critics to improve this....:]


Prasad said...

He he he ...great ! ...loved it ...atleast i don't have anything to criticize for ...between i remember seeing similar concept, but animated using that ball character, here on animation-monsters ...i don't remember was that you !?! ...whatever i enjoyed watching this ...

Harish k said...

hi deepak, something is not working here..may be because its ur old concept..we have seen it in ballman..
first 6sec of the animation is not needed..i think u can start off adjusting ur helmet.
then everything else is nice ^_^
the last run after the kiss..try coming up with some nice gag instead of the running here n there..r stop it after he drops her down.

Deepak Arasu said...

To Prasad: Thanks Dude, And yes it is a old concept of mine, wanted to try it on a charcater :)

To Harish: Thanks Harish, Its gets really difficult for me to judge these up, alone. Am trying, so... will try ur comments and post the updated one soon.