Sunday, January 24, 2010


hey gyz,
I'd uploaded this video in here abt 2 days ago.. but it had some probs.
However, its on youtube now... plz do check it out, n give in ur C&C's...

here's the link,

thank u


damncreative said...

hey jeevith its coming out great dude. Like the acting and the concept. Brilliant. A few tips to make it better.

Whats with your 1st frame , i guess some rig is overlapping this one. Check it out, its difficult to read the pose cos of that.

I guess second character is saying cheers right. Instead of that let him pour the drink into this guys glass. So this will make sense when he actually throws it off later

Add more detail gestures at the start while he s looking at the other character. Build the character, Is he drunk already or is he cautious? U need to make that clear so that it will clearly depict his character and the flow of story.

Do a little experiment while he throws the drink. Right now he is throwing it after he says "one is me" and then u have a that head shake for " the other is not you" which is good acting. Just try something like he throws the drink while he says "The other s not you" just to emphasize that he really doesn't trust any body. U can even have the head shake, but cut it down a little if your are trying this acting. I dunno whether it works. Try it , if it doesnt what u have is already good

Good work man. keep it up. start adding breakdowns

jEEvith said...

hey thanks for ur comments vinay..
will surely work out on these stuff.N wil post the updated one..
once again thank u..

Dapoon said...

great stuff man! vinay's already given u all the tips on the acting... so work on those!

my concern is the composition of the shot. there's a lot of empty space on the screen left. u might wanna move the camera a li'l so that norman fills up that space.

also i wonder if it's possible to have the right leg raised instead of the left. right now the left leg seems broken the way it's posed... it's like somebody else's leg has been kept. whaddaya think?

keep up the good work man!!

jEEvith said...

oyeee dapoon, yea, i'l work on the composition... n will see wat can be done wid the legs.. thank u man..

Unknown said...

It's looking goood man. Nice work.
Well, Vinay and Dapoon has said it all. What i might add is that when he say " Ders only 2 men I trust..."
u can try making him do the gesture of "2" with his left hand. Not an accurate "2" but a lazy one. See if that can add a lil flavor. :)