Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pendulum exercise update!

Hello Monsters,

This is my new update for the pendulum exercise.

I did add:

-rotation before the first loop.
-faster impact.

Flying Pendulum Test!-Update 3 from Andrei Radacina on Vimeo.

I wait for your critiques,



Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

Hey Andrei,

hmm...looks better now, though some more corrections to make it better:

1. from 1sec to 3sec, the tail is following the body but looks very static, its translate Y is static.

Make it continuously go up till a believable level and when the body stops, the tail should drop down.

2. decide what is the motive of the animation. is it a character or just a mechanical piece? right now, the path along which the body sweeps looks very linear and the animation also needs to be timed better. make it more definite, as in, make the curve smoother and give the rotations a better shape. e.g. like how they show in comics, a housefly or a bee flying in that kind of a motion, like a spring.

3. you need to make the slow in and slow outs more visible.

4. add a little stretch and squash to the main body, just subtle enough to be felt, shouldn't be seen very clearly.

5. add a slight anticipation before the ball falls down after banging on the wall.

I think this should help. Happy animating.

AndrewRoot said...

Thank you very much whoami!